Meet the Artist, Tanya Eubanks

My love for gemstones and jewelry began in my early childhood and stemmed from two places. My first inspiration was playing dress up with my mother's jewelry and the second from discovering my father's rock collection and learning about his career. My father was a well known rock, stone hunter and collector, as well as a professional stone cutter, in my native home of Kiev, Ukraine. 

All my life I was surrounded by beautiful, unique and perfectly polished stones. As much as I would have loved to have had the family business passed on to me, it was a man's world. Although he passed the skills onto my brother his passion for stones was forever instilled in me.I chose a different career path in skincare and moved to the United States to raise my daughter.

Although I love the career I chose, jewelry making was always in the back of my mind. With my drive to follow my passion and the love of making people feel confident, I combined both my career and dream to give me the inspiration I needed. I was fortunate to have the support of my husband to finally pursue my dream later on in life.

After training to work with a variety of precious metals, wax carving, and learning how to work with stones and pearls, I created a unique line of jewelry. All of my love goes into putting together one of a kind pieces. I hope that you find a handmade piece that inspires you and that you wear it with joy.

Tanya Eubanks